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Join us!

22 Feb

The Denton Community Denton Community Demonstration Garden Demonstration Garden Initiative, a grassroots endeavor that seeks to create a demonstration garden in downtown Denton, will be holding an informational meeting on Thursday, February 23rd at 6:30 pm at the Caroline Central Library in Denton. Anyone who is interested in getting involved or learning about the project is invited to attend the meeting.

The demonstration garden will be a community public space that showcases edible plantings, sustainable agricultural techniques, and garden ecology. Located by the municipal parking lot at 4th and Gay Streets in downtown Denton, the garden will be a part of Denton’s Arts and Entertainment District’s plan to connect the Artsway with exterior pathways and other outdoor amenities. The garden will include interpretive components that will enable it to serve as an outdoor classroom, offering educational opportunities for learning about green horticultural practices such as crop rotation, soil health, water storage & use and composting. The garden will also offer a venue for social and cultural exchanges through learning opportunities about food security, nutrition, and cooking.

School groups, clubs, organizations and individuals will be able to participate in the seasonal planting, maintenance, harvesting, food processing and distribution necessary to sustain a productive garden. Community partnerships including those with the Farmer’s Market, local food pantries, schools, garden-related groups and other organizations are currently being coordinated. Like the surrounding Artsway Pathways, this community demonstration garden will be accessible to all abilities, and provide aesthetic improvements through the addition of garden ornaments, furniture, and new plantings. For more information on the Denton Community Demonstration Garden or to RSVP to the meeting, please call 410.479.1009.